Julian Kroll Limited Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how Julian Kroll Limited complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993 (New Zealand).

Collecting your personal information

Julian Kroll Limited (“JKL”) provides a range of service in New Zealand including consulting, advise, mentoring, documentation and related information and assistance.

When you work with us, we may therefore collect personal information about you such as your name, your contact information, and other details. Where we do not have your personal information, we may not be able to contact you, or deal with your requests.

We collect this information from you when we ask you for it and you provide it and from others on
your behalf authorised by you.


Using your personal information

Generally, we use your personal information for our activities and operations. Examples include:

  • to respond to and process your requests 
  • to administer and manage our information 
  • to confirm your identify, such as when you contact us with an inquiry;
  • to notify you of any changes to our services
  • to provide you with marketing communications and invitations 
  • to operate programmes and forums in different media in which you are able to share information, including your personal information, with us and publicly (on the Terms applicable);
  • for a business or professional relationship we may have with you;
  • to conduct market research 
  • to amend records to remove personal information;
  • for other everyday business purposes that involve use of personal information.

Storing and disclosing your personal information

We use various systems and services to safeguard the personal information we store, as part of our business systems and processes.

In using your personal information, we may pass on your personal information:

  • to others, like our agents, contractors and service providers, who help us to provide services to you;
  • to government agencies;
  • in other ways that come up in our business from time to time.

Your personal information may be held and processed overseas

When we pass on or share your personal information in this way, we take steps to ensure it is treated in the same way that we would treat it.

We do our best to keep our records of your personal information up to date and accurate and not to keep personal information that is no longer needed.

We also share with others and disclose information from which personal information has been removed so that no privacy is affected.

We sometimes have to pass on personal information for legal or safety reasons or other special circumstances.

Contact with JKL about your personal information

You may wish to contact us to access your personal information, to seek to correct it or to make a complaint about privacy.  Our privacy email contact address is inquiries@jkl.co.nz and further contact details for JKL are set out below.

Julian Kroll Limited

PO Box 29221
Greenwoods Corner
Auckland 1347
Phone:  +64 9 6241300

We will respond as soon as we reasonably can, including, in the case of access and correction requests, if we are unable to provide you with access (such as when we no longer hold or use the information).

We do not impose any charge for a request for access, but we may charge you a reasonable fee for our costs associated with providing you with access and retrieval costs.

For complaints about privacy, we will establish in consultation with you a reasonable process, including time frames, for seeking to resolve your complaint.