Business Consulting

I take great pride from the fact that over 98% of my business comes via word of mouth. I put in a great deal of effort to meet and exceed my customers’ expectations. The proverbial story of the consultant stealing the customers watch and then charging for telling the time is not the model I operate by.

I am happy to meet prospective clients to understand exactly what issues you face and the support & services you might need. If it’s within my remit, I will supply you a proposal and agree exactly what outcomes you expect. In my experience clients don’t put their reputation on the line and refer contractors to other clients unless they have been satisfied with the outcome.

Engagements are quite varied, short and long term. I enjoy having a mix of projects in my portfolio as this keeps me focused and moving forward. You will find a sample of my offering on my website but the best plan is to make contact with me so we can have a discussion.

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